Improving Quality Leads and Revenue for ‘Rodriguez & Son Roofing’ – Roofing Company for Single Family Homes


Our client, a roofing business from Ohio, was facing fierce competition in a saturated market. They had struggled to attract quality leads and were grappling with inconsistent revenue. The second generation of this company wanted to improve their online presence. The challenge was clear: how could we differentiate our client from competitors and revolutionize their lead generation?


Our task was to devise a groundbreaking strategy that would set our client apart in the roofing industry. We needed to not only attract quality leads but also engage them in a unique and memorable way, fostering trust and confidence in our client’s services.


The client had an interesting Immersive 3D Roofing Visualizer on their website, so we decided to take advantage of it. 

Targeted PPC Campaigns: we launched PPC campaigns that prominently featured the 3D Roofing Visualizer tool. Ad copies invited users to “See Your Dream Roof” and “Design Your Perfect Roof” while emphasizing the creative and immersive aspect of the experience.

Landing Page Enhancement: we optimized the landing page to ensure a seamless transition from the ad to the 3D Roofing Visualizer tool, making it easy for users to get started.

Data-Driven Lead Scoring: utilizing advanced analytics, we implemented a lead scoring system based on user interactions with the 3D Roofing Visualizer. Leads who spent more time exploring design options or requesting consultations were identified as high-quality prospects.

Personalized Follow-Up: high-quality leads received personalized follow-up emails or calls from roofing experts who could address specific design choices, provide estimates, and schedule consultations.


The implementation of this innovative strategy led to remarkable outcomes for the roofing business. The 3D Roofing Visualizer attracted leads genuinely interested in exploring roofing solutions, resulting in a significant improvement in lead quality. The personalized engagement and tailored follow-up for high-quality leads translated into higher conversion rates and a surge in new clients boosting revenue.